Benji is a 17 year old male Bengal Tiger, we rescued him September 29, 2001. He had already been turned down by several "sanctuaries" due to his age and health problems. Benji's cage had a concrete floor and a tub for him to lay in, fresh water was continuously running in the tub. Unfortunately this created a cold, hard surface for him to be constantly laying on. This coupled with a diet that didn't contain all the nutrients he required, and his advanced age, has left him with a number of health problems. Benji now has a 4500 square foot natural habitat, his favorite spot is an area under the pine trees! Benji has touched the lives of everyone who has met him, and we are very grateful and blessed to have him!


 With a heavy heart I have to inform everyone that Benji has passed away. He died September 22, 2002 at 8:30pm. As I sit here and try to come up with words of comfort,....I realize there are none! There is no winner with death,......except death! However, we can  take solace in the knowledge that Benji had almost 1 full year of living in a huge natural habitat, which he really did love! We can also take comfort in the knowledge that Benji was surrounded by people who loved and cared about him. People like Dr. Griffin who gave up his nights and weekends to help Benji. And Dr. Griffin's entire staff who has been so caring and helpful. Dr. Kern who has known Benji and helped him since he first arrived here. Our volunteers who cared for Benji, and the people who donated their money to help provide for Benji and our other animals. Without everyone's help, Benji would not have had the time with us that he did, even though it was far too short! Now, we live only with the knowledge that we ALL did our best for Benji!

Jim Moore-


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