Black MaJik



BLACK MAJIK  is a male Asian black leopard (panthera Pardus). Majik was born February 23, 1996 at a facility in Tampa, Fl.  Majik lives in a large natural habitat built at the sanctuary. Majik was given to sanctuary president Jim Moore. "I've raised Majik since he was about 2 weeks old. I have always tried to expose him to new situations and surroundings to ensure that I would always be able to interact with him and raise his quality of life. I feel that all intelligent species, whether it's a human being or an animal, have a need to discover new things and see new sights -  we grow because of this. I have practiced this philosophy with Majik and it has proved quite true. Although Majik is very well behaved, there are NO guarantees that an exotic cat will grow up to be handle able".


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