Sanctuary Life

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Dale getting Hamlet to play.

Dale cleaning the Ratite area, with very nosey residents!

Elisa doing food prep

Celia playing with Savannah

Marc working with Black Majik

Celia doing operant conditioning with the Tigers.

Marc working with Misty, a female Bengal Tiger.

Dale and Sergei

2007 Christmas dinner for our animals

2007 Christmas dinner for our animals. The watermelons are for the hoofstock and our Ostriches and Emus.

Misty got a whole turkey, we had to cut the turkeys in half for Sasha and Sergei or they just play with them!

Zeus having rock cornish hens for Christmas dinner.

Felica and Hamlet.

And our other Serval, Savannah.

Our Siberian Tigers, Sasha and Sergei enjoying Christmas turkeys!

Misty, our Bengal Tiger, REALLY enjoying her turkey!!!!

Asia loving his rock cornish hens and other Christmas treats!

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